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I But Points To Wrong Place :s:s:s:s

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Hey, Admin.

My Char name is BlackSun
Please can you take 11970 points from energy, then i have 30 000 energy left.
and if you can't just put this points to free, then put them to agi19560).
If you have to put all points again then my points should be strengt- 440; Agiliti - 19560; Vitaliti 1816; Energy 32 000.
I wanted to put points to agi but miss'd and put them to energy :S:S:S Now i have too much energy and it's bugged.
Please fast help me. Please Please Please
Or just take all points and put me 53831 points and i put them myself back. 2. time i don't miss. I think i never miss again.

Damn next time i use autocliker :). Don't put in homepage, if miss'd then you'r ...

Right now i have energy full and lost about 10k points. They dissapear. Can you too anything or i have to start to make res again :S ?

Отредактировано BigBoy (2010-04-04 11:44:49)



sps bolshoi admin


Вы здесь » MU Hot » Help » I But Points To Wrong Place :s:s:s:s